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How to organize Antenna TV Channel Line-up

It is easy to organize Antenna TV channels on your TCL Android TV.  

  • First, make sure you are on the Antenna TV Input options.  Click here to view steps on how to change input options.
  • Press the OK on the TV remote
  • From your TCL Android TV remote control, press the virtual keyboard button to display the onscreen remote control
  • Scroll and select the Settings option, press OK to confirm
  • Scroll and select Channel, press OK to confirm
  • Scroll and select Channel organizer, press OK to confirm
  • The Channel Organizer screen will be displayed - as shown below
  • User the navigational buttons on the TCL Android TV remote control to select the channel you want to manage.
  • Highlight and click OK on the selected channel to display three (3) options: Edit, Hide, Delete
    • Edit - allows you to rename the channel
    • Hide - will remove the channel from the channel list
    • Delete - will remove channel from your program guide.  You will need to perform another channel scan to re-add channel.
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