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My TV turns ON, but there is No Video

If you power on your TV but you do not see the menu options, or any video display - just a black, blank screen, and possibly no audio as well; try the recommended steps below to resolve the issue.

  1. Check if the status LED, in front of your TV is ON.  When the TV is off or in stand-by mode the LED at the base of your TV should be solid white.   When the TV is on it should be either off or blinking.   To confirm, point the TCL remote towards the TV and press any button.  You should see the LED blink every time your press the remote.  If you see the LED blink while pressing a button on the remote, proceed with Step #2.   If not it is possible your TV is not powered on or not responding to your remote. For remote troubleshooting click here.   If there is no indication that the TV is receiving power check that the power cord is firmly plugged into the back of the TV.  Plug the other end to a know  good outlet.  Bypass any power strips for troubleshooting purposes.  
  2. Verify the cable connections.  Make sure all external devices plugged into the TV are properly connected to the appropriate port, and are powered on.  If necessary, unplug then reconnect the cables to the corresponding ports.  
  3. Restart the TV.  Press the power button on your TV.   The location of the power button on most models in underneath TCL logo on the bottom of the TV or behind the TV towards the right edge.   Please consult your user's manual for the exact location.  Unplug the TV from the power outlet.  After 30 seconds, plug the TV back.
  4. Factory reset the TV.  Click here to view steps on how to reset the TV if you still cannot view the menu options.
  5. Contact Support.  If after performing the factory reset the display is still blank contact TCL Support for further troubleshooting.   

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